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Welcome to PJS Food, manufacturers of hand-crafted sausages from the best ingredients available!


PJS Food was started in 2007 as a hobby by the well-known radio food and wine journalist Peter James-Smith. PJS Food now boasts a range of superb quality sausages from an English Breakfast Sausage to the local Free State Boerewors.

All our sausages are Gluten and Preservative Free, and conform to Banting, Paleo and Tim Noakes Diet recommendations.

Our most popular sausages are the Lincolnshire Sausage and the Cumberland Sausage, both below. To order, simply go to the Contact Page and order your favourite sausages.

For Peter James-Smith's comments on restaurants, food wine and anything else he feels like chatting about visit Food & Booze at

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Four Fat Sausages

Lightly Smoked Peter's HamSmoked Peter's Ham

Made from Pork Loin this ham is best served finely sliced. The smoke enhances the delicate flavour of the ham without overwhelming it. It is delicious with melon or in a salad and is perfect for Croque Monsieur.

Just order one by clicking here.

Click here to view a recipe using Smoked Peter's Ham

Free State BoereworsFree State Boerewors

A Traditional Free State-style Boerewors that is 70% Grass-fed Beef and 30% Pork and Pork fat. Spiced with Coriander and a hint of Cloves and other spices and herbs.



Lincolnshire SausageLincolnshire Sausage

A medium cut, thick sausage with a distinct thyme and sage flavouring.

Lincolnshire Sausages have become one of England’s most popular sausages as they are perfect for Toad in the Hole, a sausage meat stuffing or Scotch Eggs.

We do not cut down on the herbs as we believe that the distinct flavour is part of the charm of a Lincolnshire Sausage.

Lincolnshire Sausage Meat

The perfect sausage meat for sausage rolls, Scotch eggs etc

Cumberland Sausage Lincolnshire Sausage

A thick, coarse cut continuous pork sausage, peppery, with a hint of marjoram.

Cumberland Sausage is the closest we have to a Medieval sausage with a flavouring of three types of pepper, sage and marjoram.

It is traditionally baked in the oven and served with a rich gravy but it works wonderfully on a braai as long as it is cooked slowly over coals that are not too hot……the same as boerewors !

PJS Rindless Smoked Streaky BaconRindless Smoked Streaky Bacon

A green dry-cured streaky bacon that can be sliced for breakfast or bought in the piece and cut into lard-ons.



Bacon BitsBacon Bits for sale are now available, a lot cheaper than from your local supermarket! They are not packed in a fancy way either; 250g is just put into a small plastic bag and popped into the freezer. They are selling very quickly! I am not surprised as you can do so much with them from pizza and Quiche Lorraine to turning them into sweets - they do that sort of thing in the States!

Just to prove it to you, look under Recipes.

I like Bacon Bits cooked and then added to a salad to provide a hot/cold contrast as well as flavour and texture.

PJS Rindless Back Baconsmoked bacon

PJS Rindless Back Bacon is dry-cured and lightly smoked and like all old-fashioned cured bacon it has that wonderful smell of "frying bacon" when you cook it! It cooks much quicker than wet-cured bacon as there is no water to boil out first and there's no funny white stuff in the frying pan either.

Peter James-Smith was making bacon for home consumption and was asked to supply an existing client with 8kg per week. Initially he declined because he would need to buy a slicer and possibly a vacuum pack machine and they are both very expensive items. Just by chance he managed to buy a slicer at a very reasonable price and the client didn't need the bacon vacuum packed. Now PJS Rindless Back Bacon comes onto the product list.

To read more about our range of Sausages please go to the Sausages Page.

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