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Breakfast recipes

Oysters and Sausages (from one of my favourite food writers – Edouard de Pomiane)edouard de Pomiane

Fry some chipolata sausages. Serve them very hot on a dish and on a second dish a dozen oysters.

Alternate the sensations. Burn your mouth with a crackling sausage. Sooth your burns with a cool oyster. Continue until all the sausages and oysters have disappeared.

White wine, of course.

Dr Edouard de Pomiane, photo on the right, was a scientist at Institut Pasteur in Paris, hence his enjoyment of the scientific effects of such things as hot and cold, in this instance.  He was the first radio food journalist and wrote a number of books that are always entertaining reading.  This recipe comes from his book "La Cuisine en Dix Minutes ou l'Adaption au Rythme moderne" which was published in 1930.  The English version is rather baldly called "Cooking in 10 Minutes".  Look out for it in second-hand bookshops.

How to Fry an eggFried egg

I am a creature of habit and most days have bacon & fried egg for breakfast. All right, I do have chipolatas sometimes but I do make the bacon! I am always interested in different ways of frying eggs and have now found the best way by far. It's the eccentric Italian Aldo Buzzi's way of doing them.

  1. Break the egg into a cup.
  2. Heat the butter, olive oil or sunflower seed oil...what-ever you believe eggs should be fried in...until moderately warm and then pour in the egg white holding the yolk back.
  3. Season the egg white in the pan and then add the yolk to the centre of the white.
  4. Continue cooking slowly and if necessary, cover the pan very briefly to heat up the yolk.
    I never use one of those fancy covers, newspaper is fine and you don't have to wash it up.


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